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Part NumberProductProduct Sheet
AC-1RCI 2001 Organic Long Life Rust & Corrosion Inhibitor (Type B Coolant) “Product
AC-2Conventional Rust & Corrosion Inhibitor (Type B Coolant) “Product
AC-7Heavy Duty Diesel Engine OEM Compatible Coolant (Type A Coolant) “Product
AC-7 HDDFor use in Light Commercial, On/Off Road Transportation, Mining, Marine, Stationary Engine, and Industrial Cooling Applications where a Fully Formulated Coolant is Required“Product
AC-8Automotive & Light Diesel Extended Life Hybrid Engine Coolant (Type A Coolant) “Product
AC-9V2001 Organic Long Life Anti Boil / Anti Freeze Coolant (Type A Coolant) “Product
AC-9PGFor use in Automotive, Light Commercial, On/Off Road Transportation, Mining, Marine, Stationary Engine, and Industrial Cooling Applications“Product
AC-10V2000 Conventional Anti Boil / Anti Freeze Coolant (Type A Coolant) “Product
AC-11Silicated OAT (Si-OAT) (Type A Coolant) “Product
AC-15Anti Freeze Adjuster “Product
AC-90Demineralised Water “Product
Part NumberProductProduct Sheet
AC-29Brake and Parts Cleaner with Highly Effective
Cleaning and Drying Properties
AC-42Qik Klean / Solvex Degreaser (Solvent Based) “Product
AC-43Non Caustic Degreaser (Water Based) “Product
AC-44Hi Performance Solvent Degreaser (Solvent Based) “Product
AC-45Caustic Heavy Duty Degreaser (Water Based) “Product
AC-49Biodegradable Citrus Degreaser (Water Based) “Product
AC-55Workshop Solvent (Shellite / X55 type product) “Product
AC-56AC-56 Is a Non-Flammable Quick Break Solvent Degreaser Developed to Offer
Effective Degreasing and Cleaning for use in Automotive and Commercial
AC-60Parts Wash Non Flammable Degreaser (Solvent Based) “Product
AC63Heavy Duty High Alkaline Degreaser for Industrial Use“Product
AC-64Citrus Oil Based – Bug, Tar and Label Remover (Solvent Based) “Product
AC-67Prep Solvent Cleaner“Product
AC-70Bitumen & Tar Remover (Solvent Based) “Product
AC-71Australian Formulated and Manufactured Biodegradable Concrete Remover/ Hydrochloric Acid Free Formula“Product
AC-77Water Based Degreaser has been Designed for Cleaning Around Food
Preparation Areas, General Cleaning, and Industrial Degreasing
AC-99High Grade Clear Kerosene “Product
AC-124Degreaser Concentrate (Water Based) “Product
Part NumberProductProduct Sheet
AC-13Radiator Flush – Concentrated Cooling System Cleaner & Descaler (Liquid Form). “Product
AC-20Injector Cleaner “Product
AC-21Concentrated Engine Oil Flush “Product
AC-22Premium Petrol Injector Cleaner “Product
AC-82Diesel Biocide “Product
AC-111Diesel Fuel Treatment“Product
Part NumberProductProduct Sheet
AC-31Water Based Tyre Shine (No Silicone) “Product
AC-32Silicone Emulsion Vinyl Treatment “Product
AC-33Silicone Based Tyre Shine “Product
AC-34Engine Bay Detailer “Product
AC-35Non Acid Based Wheel Cleaner “Product
AC-36Highly Concentrated Multi Use Cleaner for Most Hard and Soft Surfaces“Product
AC-39Waterless Car Wash “Product
AC-40Truck Wash “Product
AC-41Wash & Wax (Carnauba Wax) “Product
AC-46Windscreen Washer Additive “Product
AC-92Cool Water Deodoriser – Air Freshener Fragrance “Product
AC-110Caravan, Trailer and Boat Wash “Product
AC-143Effectively Eliminates Odour Causing Organic Matter with Active & Safe Bacteria“Product
AC-148Surface Reconditioner Enhances the Appearance of Vinyl, Rubber, Finished
Leather, and Plastics
Part NumberProductProduct Sheet
AC-50 Carby Cleaner Aerosol “Product
AC-51Brake Cleaner Aerosol “Product
AC-52Silicone Spray Aerosol “Product
AC-53Chain Lube Aerosol “Product
AC-54Air Intake Cleaner Aerosol “Product
AC-75Lubex Aerosol “Product
Part NumberProductProduct Sheet
AC-66Stainless Steel Cleaner “Product
AC-71Concrete Remover “Product
AC-93Kill and Cover – Sanitiser, Cleaner and Deodoriser “Product
AC-101Porta Flush Toilet Rinse Additive “Product
AC-104Hot Wash Machine Powder “Product
AC-162Commercial Disinfectant “Product
AC-201Ethanol Surface Sanitiser “Product
Part NumberProductProduct Sheet
AC-75Lubex Penetrating Lubricating Oil“Product
AC-76Water Dispersing Fluid“Product
Part NumberProductProduct Sheet
AC-24Brake Fluid – Super DOT 4“Product
AC-25Brake Fluid – DOT 4“Product
AC-26Brake Fluid – DOT 3“Product
AC-27Brake Cleaner“Product
AC-28Brake Fluid – DOT 5.1“Product
Hand Cleaners / Sanitiser
Part NumberProductProduct Sheet
AC-47Highly Effective Citrus Based Solvent Free Hand Cleaner with Polymer Beads and
Skin Conditioning Ingredients
AC-48Premium Quality Water Based Hair, Skin and Scalp Cleanser.“Product
AC-113Rapidly Effective Chlorinated Foaming Sanitiser for use as a Final Sanitising Step for Meat, Poultry, Dairy and Beverage Industries“Product
AC-150Mint Grit Hand Cleaner“Product
AC-151Orange Grit Hand Cleaner“Product
AC-152Citrus Hand Cleaner“Product
AC-200Instant Hand Sanitiser“Product